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I am better because of your seminar.

Participant, Surgical assistant

By far the best Customer Service training I’ve attended.

Participant, American EuroCopter

One of the most important things we are doing to prepare for deregulation.

Analyst, Progress Energy

People are acting on what they heard and learned.

Manager, AmeriGas

The response and improvement in our people has been outstanding.

Manager, Saint-Gobain Plastics

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Service & manager training programs

Creating CEOs: Customer Experience Owners

True third-generation (create experiences) customer service training for front-line customer service training and customer focus culture building, the Creating CEOs customer service training program energizes, motivates, and instills the skills and values that lead to loyal customers.Creating CEOs

CHECK HERE for samples and brochure of Creating CEOs


Healthcare Skill Clinics

Use Patient’s VOICE Skill Clinics™ to improve:

  • Patient satisfaction scorespv_logo_horz_with_nosub_color_v2
  • Healthcare safety and quality
  • Loyalty, repeat visits, referrals
  • Coordination & teamwork
  • Productivity and cost-savings
  • Staff & physician satisfaction
  • Risk and lawsuit reduction.


Effective, low-cost behavior-change program:

  • Choose from over sixteen 40-minute Skill Clinics
  • Healthcare professionals attend clinics on-the-job
  • Local Leaders conduct Skill Clinics
  • For all healthcare staff and caregivers
  • Costs as low as $1 per Skill Clinic

 CLICK HERE for list of Skill Clinics

Managing Accountable Performance 

Managing Accountable Performance™ (The MAP™) uniquely establishes and implements high behavior standards and performance goals in service, quality, and cost control. The MAP includes sample standards checklists and performance goals. The MAP is both a performance management program and a coaching skills program. The MAP supports the implementation of all Customer Focus programs or it can be used as a stand-alone performance management and coaching program based on establishing employee accountability.

Brochure for Managing Accountable Performancemap_logo_blk-01



Creating CEOs for Call Centers

Bring third-generation Creating CEOs to your agent call center training. This call center training program combines the philosophy, core values, and methods of Creating CEOs with Call Center skills and techniques, such as tone of voice, call handling, and phone skills training.

Samples and brochure for Creating CEOs for Call Centers

Service Sells!

Service Sells! customer service training program motivates all in-person and phone service professionals to offer more products and services to customers in compelling ways.

Delighting Customers

The original Customer Focus customer service training program experienced by tens of thousands. It offers the same concepts and skills as the new Creating CEOs program, but without the emphasis on the CEO title.


Third-generation customer service training

Are your customer service training programs out-of-date? Check below to find out.


1st generation 2nd generation
3rd generation
Primary Goal
Avoid and resolve complaints Customer satisfaction
Customer loyalty
Needs Focus
Task need
Respect need
Uniqueness need
Process Focus
Standardize product fulfillment
Standardize service interaction
Create unique and memorable customer experiences
Training Focus
How to complete transactions
How to show respect and to be polite and nice
How to use individuality and empowerment to make others feel unique
Desired employee perception
Take care of it
Smile and don't take it personally
Take ownership of the customer experience
Best to give customers
Respect and empathy
GEMs that Go the Extra Mile
Employees follow
Policy & procedures
Scripts & skill-steps Empowerment and a desire to create memorable customer experiences

Third-generation customer service training programs include the best of first- and second-generations (avoid complaints, demonstrate respect). In addition, third-generation customer service training programs provide the skills and motivation for creating memorable customer experiences.

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