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I am better because of your seminar.

Participant, Surgical assistant

By far the best Customer Service training I’ve attended.

Participant, American EuroCopter

One of the most important things we are doing to prepare for deregulation.

Analyst, Progress Energy

People are acting on what they heard and learned.

Manager, AmeriGas

The response and improvement in our people has been outstanding.

Manager, Saint-Gobain Plastics

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Reducing Healthcare Costs, Errors, & Complaints

Managing Accountable Performance for Healthcare


Healthcare Reform means reducing your costs. So, how do you reduce costs and still reduce errors and complaints?

The answer is to empower your managers with The MAP™ (Managing Accountable Performance™) to implement accountability with every employee for quality, service, and cost-control.


For as little as $15* per employee, The MAP enables you to:

  • Establish standards and goals for every healthcare employee in quality, service, and costs
  • Cascade and integrate goals and standards throughout your organization
  • Empower your managers with professional performance management skills and practices
  • Implement the healthcare checklist revolution within your organization


The MAP addresses these faults of healthcare goal-setting programs

  • Why goal-setting by itself fails to establish accountability and may lead to a rate-busting mentality
  • Why paying for external coaches loaded with jargon creates dependency, not accountability
  • Why SMART Goals don’t specify what behaviors employees are actually accountable for
  • Why healthcare professionals end up managing their managers


The MAP develops accountable-performance management skills

  • Provide managers with the tools to analyze the causes of quality and cost problems
  • Enable managers to collaboratively develop checklists of behavioral standards with employees
  • Document behavioral accountability for critical incidents, and prevent their reoccurrence
  • Implement four ways to SPOT Coach™ to behavioral standards in daily rounds
  • Observe and monitor employees in-depth using checklists of behavioral standards
  • Conduct collaborative employee performance improvement sessions
  • Facilitate team meetings to continuously improve quality, service, and cost-control standards


* Developed by an Organizational Behavior Psychologist, The MAP program includes

  • A customizable workshop for managers to create an accountability plan for their employees
  • Sample performance goals and behavioral standards for physicians, radiology, pharmacy, critical care, ED, IT, EMRs, birth centers, home health, integrative medicine, patients, and more.
  • Sample checklists of healthcare behavior standards and behavior observation forms
  • Critical Incident Reports and other performance improvement documentation
  • Hundreds of healthcare best practices to improve quality, service, and cost-control
  • Workshop facilitation, train-the-trainer, on-site consultation, and program customization


Customer Focus is a leader in setting world-class service, quality, and cost standards.


Click Here for a Brochure on Reducing Healthcare Costs, Errors, and Complaints.