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I am better because of your seminar.

Participant, Surgical assistant

By far the best Customer Service training I’ve attended.

Participant, American EuroCopter

One of the most important things we are doing to prepare for deregulation.

Analyst, Progress Energy

People are acting on what they heard and learned.

Manager, AmeriGas

The response and improvement in our people has been outstanding.

Manager, Saint-Gobain Plastics

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Rave Reviews and Quotes

These in-depth quotes illustrate the transformational power of Customer Focus training, the concept of Customer Experience Ownership, and the act of giving GEMs.

CEO and President, Avantair (Executive Jet Timeshares)
The recent commencement of our Customer Experience Owner (CEO) Training demonstrates how each of us can take ownership of our customers’ experiences. A positive attitude, the commitment to become a customer advocate and developing and implementing intuitive service for our owners will be keys to a successful season. All employees will be going through the mandatory CEO Training Sessions.

Vice-President, Sea Launch/Boeing

Truly, we—the entire Sea Launch team—genuinely appreciate the personal commitment you made to tailor the training to our unique organization. Daily I'm seeing more and more positive examples that show your training has made a lasting impression. I take it as my personal challenge to sustain it.

President, HRworks 

The concept of people becoming Customer Experience Owners is a powerful message that says each and every client is important. I particularly liked the many role plays and interaction that drove home the learning points. The overall program was excellent. HRworks’ vision says we truly believe that great organizations must have an intense focus on values. The values taught in Creating CEOs blend extremely well with the values of our organization.
Service Manager, Accredited Home Lenders

Just a note of thanks as my staff and I enjoyed the Service Excellence training a few weeks ago. Last week, I was recognized and received the Manager of the Month for my efforts on “delighting” my fellow employees and customers. I was totally surprised and certainly not expecting it! As our organization continues to grow, I truly believe going the extra mile in providing good customer service will really make a difference.

Manager, IBM Pervasive Computing

Generally when I attend these soft skills classes, I'm a bit jaded going in to them.  Given the fact that I've been in this arm of the industry for over 10 years, of course I feel that I ‘know it all’ and could probably teach these classes.  This class, however, was completely different.  [Customer Focus] did a remarkable job of fostering a high energy atmosphere that kept everyone's attention and the subject matter was outstanding.  I learned some new techniques, some new philosophies and we actually had fun doing so!  It was outstanding—well worth a day for everyone there!

Participant and trainer, City of Los Angeles Information Technology

After going through the course, I’ve become so much more aware of what great customer service really is about. I’ve become more appreciative of those in the public and private sectors who go the extra mile when dealing with me. It raised my level of expectation and made me more aware of what I deserve as a customer while helping me to provide top quality service to my own customers. Great course!

Service Manager, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics

The response and the improvement in our people has been outstanding. It was the perfect fit for what we needed.

Training Manager, ViaSat
The response from our people has been great, and I can already hear them using techniques and sayings from the class. It was terrific.

Participant, Financial Profiles, Inc.
It was excellent. I’d heard stories about Delighting Customers from coworkers who had already taken the program and it was everything I expected.

Participant, Pike County (AL) Board of Education
I really enjoyed the course. It makes you realize little things. I didn’t think I needed training in this field. I was so wrong.

Participant, Hoover

One of the best workshops I’ve taken in my professional career … I’m excited to use what I’ve learning in my day-to-day dealings with customers.

Participant, Pacer Stacktrain

The hands-on exercises made me become the customer as well as the service provider. It gave me a different and more informed way of looking at things. If everyone can see how just rewording one or two things can have a positive effect, the company could grow at a more rapid rate with delighted customers.

Participant, Pacer Stacktrain

I did not want to attend but I’m glad I did. The skills I learned will be useful, not only at work but in my everyday living. It was much more thorough than most, and helped me enhance my skills tremendously.

Participant, Pacer Stacktrain

I can’t compare this course to any other. This one was over the top! I will enjoy the challenge of Delighting my Customers and using the skills taught to me today. Thank you!

Participant, American EuroCopter

Very well done. Each module contains very valuable skills and concepts. This is by far the best Customer Service training I’ve attended.

Participant, Affiliated Computer Services

I enjoyed all aspects of the class. This class is excellent for managers, executives, and employees who interact with people. Other large companies should use you to teach employees about customer service.

Participant, Cabot Corporation

Very helpful, interactive discussions, good ideas for everyday use. This is the first class I attended where a really felt I was learning useful tools (and I’ve attended many training classes).

Participant, Cabot Corporation

This is the first class I’ve attended where a really felt I was learning useful tools.

Sr. Business Analyst, Progressive Energy

The implementation of Delighting Customers for all 150 managers and 1,600 employees in Progress Energy’s Delivery Group is one of the most important things we are doing to prepare for deregulation.

Participant, Hoover

One of the best workshops I’ve taken in my professional career.