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I am better because of your seminar.

Participant, Surgical assistant

By far the best Customer Service training I’ve attended.

Participant, American EuroCopter

One of the most important things we are doing to prepare for deregulation.

Analyst, Progress Energy

People are acting on what they heard and learned.

Manager, AmeriGas

The response and improvement in our people has been outstanding.

Manager, Saint-Gobain Plastics

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Creating CEOs: Customer Experience Owners


Creating CEOs™ is third-generation customer service training program that equips and empowers employees to create positive memorable customer experiences that lead to customer loyalty and a competitive advantage.



Unique advantages of CEO

  • Third generation customer service training program that builds customer loyalty by creating memorable customer experiences.
  • Motivating, inspiring, values-building, skills-based, practical, and challenging.


Applications of Creating CEOs service training program

  • Motivate and build skills of all service persons.
  • Implementation support for customer loyalty programs.
  • Customer service training for professionals and salespeople.
  • CEM training (Customer Experience Management).Creating CEOs


Training populations

  • Internal support functions.
  • Field technicians, salespeople, and all other professionals.
  • All employees and managers.


With CEO customer service training program, employees learn to:

  • Project positive self-image and values.
  • Problem-solve and innovate.
  • Delight even upset customers.
  • Create positive memorable experiences.
  • Uncover sales opportunities.


CEO customer service training program includes techniques to:

  • Build internal cooperation.
  • Gain acceptance.
  • Negotiate solutions.
  • Manage stress.
  • Handle abusive customers.


Customer service training program implementation

  • One or two days.
  • Full-day, half-day, or two-hour sessions.
  • Class size from 4 to 24.
  • Optional online materials for blended customer service elearning training.


Follow-up and Reinforcement Included!

  • GEMs employee recognition programTM.
  • Levels 1 to 4 measurement tools.
  • Manager guidelines to certify CEOs.
  • Optional SAGE Manager Coaching program.

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