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I am better because of your seminar.

Participant, Surgical assistant

By far the best Customer Service training I’ve attended.

Participant, American EuroCopter

One of the most important things we are doing to prepare for deregulation.

Analyst, Progress Energy

People are acting on what they heard and learned.

Manager, AmeriGas

The response and improvement in our people has been outstanding.

Manager, Saint-Gobain Plastics

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Customer Focus Inc Blog
Are you Owning the Customer's Experience?
In a recent study, 85% of customers reported that they had service experiences so unpleasant that they had yelled, cursed, broken things, developed headaches, or felt their chest tighten. Were any of these people your customers?

In each of these situations, we can pretty much guarantee that somebody didn't own the customer experience.

The major reason customers get angry or demonstrate these behaviors is because they feel helpless. They feel that nobody will help them with their situation. When companies demonstrate Customer Experience Ownership, customers have no reason to feel helpless. They know that someone will make sure the situation is resolved.

Regardless of your product or service, the customer's experience will ultimately determine your company's success. The customer's experience with your company is at least as important as his or her experience with your product.

So, are your people acting as Customer Experience Owners? It's possible that you don't know. The business research firm, Bain & Company recently released a study showing that while 80% of companies say they deliver a superior experience, only 8% of their customers agree. Talk about a disconnect!

Here are a few questions to answer to get a quick read on whether your people are Customer Experience Owners:

  • Do they act as advocates for the customer? Do they make the experience about the customer's needs rather than their own?
  • Do they take responsibility for the total experience, leaving the customer feeling safe and trusting?
  • Do they work within a team to create seamless customer experiences?
  • Do they show the attitudes and skills that communicate, "I am here to own your experience"?
  • Do they find ways to say "I can" when the easy way would be to say "no"?
  • Do they find ways to Go the Extra Mile and exceed customer expectations?
  • Do they follow-up with the customer to ensure that the experience remains positive beyond the interaction?

How does your company measure up on the basis of these questions? Are you working in an environment where employees aren't encouraged to own the customer's experience? Have you had an experience with a company where they did or didn't take ownership of your experience? Let us know.